Battle Spirits Saga


August 3, 2023 – August 6, 2023

Gen Con 2023

Enjoy the Battle Spirits Saga convention
event and tutorials in the Event Hall at Gen Con 2023!

Gen Con 2023
Important Notes:
  • *You must review and agree to the full Tournament Rule Manual and Grand Open Official Terms and Conditions of that tournament’s region in order to participate in an event. Please see the Tournament Rule Manual below. Please see the Official Terms and Conditions on each TO's website. TOURNAMENT RULE MANUAL
  • *Details subject to change without prior notice. 


Come to our Exhibition Hall Booth 3023,
join a Tutorial or Convention Event in the Event hall,
or a Bandai tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium and answer our survey
for a FREE Bandai Card Games Official Guide
with FOUR promo cards!
(BSS ST01-003 Imperial Thunder Dragon Siegwurm alt-art, and cards from other Bandai Card Games) (*While supplies last).

These cards are scheduled to be distributed at other large-scale events at a later time
but will be a Gen Con first!