Battle Spirits Saga


BSS04 Deck Profile 6: White Calista Deck


February 22, 2024

Welcome back, Battle Spirits Saga Summoners!

We have been so very excited to share the spoilers from BSS04 -Saviors of Chaos- with you all! Today, we are back to share with you some new ideas for incorporating the new cards into your arsenal! Whether you are new to Battle Spirits Saga and need a place to start or a veteran who is in need of a base to start your own list, in this article series we will be going over new strategies featuring various Spirits introduced in Saviors of Chaos!

Today we will present a White strategy featuring Valkyrie spirits!

Key Cards

  • [BSS04-062] Valkyrie Calista
    [BSS04-062] Valkyrie Calista
  • [BSS04-055] Mecholossus Jotungrim
    [BSS04-055] Mecholossus Jotungrim

Armor is a powerful effect in Battle Spirits Saga, protecting your spirits from being selected by your opponent’s effects from the specified colors.. Now, Saviors of Chaos introduces a new way for players to boost their Valkyrie spirits with the power of Armor!

Valkyrie Calista gives all your spirits with “Valkyrie” in their name Armor: Red, White, Blue which protects your spirits from half of the colors in Battle Spirits Saga! However, it is truly her second level ability that shines, which allows herself and another one of your spirits with a soul core on them to bypass blockers that match a color they have Armor for. So if you have at least one other Valkyrie with a soul core on it in play alongside Calista, both will have Armor: Red, White, Blue and can not be blocked by Red, White, or Blue Spirits! Opponent’s will find themselves between a rock and a hard place when they are unable to block your Valkyries and can not target them with effects because of Armor.

But when combined with another powerful card in Saviors of Chaos, the mighty X-rare Mecholossus Jotungrim, Calista’s power grows even further! When Mecholossus Jotungrim is in play, whenever an opponent’s Spirit is returned to their hand or deck during your turn, all of your Android and Ice Princess spirits gain Armor: Purple, White, Yellow, Green. White has many different effects that will allow you to return an opponent’s spirit to their hand or deck, making this an easy condition to fulfill.

Defensive Tools

  • [ST03-015] Dream Bomb
    [ST03-015] Dream Bomb
  • [BSS04-131] Dream Hand
    [BSS04-131] Dream Hand
  • [BSS03-054] Valkyrie Hildr
    [BSS03-054] Valkyrie Hildr
  • [BSS01-069] Valkyrie Mist
    [BSS01-069] Valkyrie Mist
  • [BSS04-057] Viking Leef
    [BSS04-057] Viking Leef

Notice that between Valkyrie Calista’s and Mecholossus Jotungrim’s Armor effects, all six colors are provided to Valkyrie spirits. Some Valkyrie spirits themselves even have built in effects to bounce opposing spirits back to the opponent’s hand, making it very possible to create two powerful Valkyries that can’t be targeted by effects and are unblockable.

Rounding Out the Deck

Now that we understand our primary synergy for our deckbuilding, we need to play our two key spirits (Valkyrie Calista and Mecholossus Jotungrim) and then bounce enemy spirits to be able to freely attack our opponent. But both of our key spirits are expensive to play and Valkyrie Calista needs to be at level 2, so our strategy needs some time to get set up.

  • [BSS02-052] Sunk-Shain
    [BSS02-052] Sunk-Shain
  • [BSS01-130] Suppression
    [BSS01-130] Suppression
  • [BSS01-110] Infinity Mothership
    [BSS01-110] Infinity Mothership

Valkyrie Mist and Valkyrie Hildr can help slow our opponent’s down even before our key spirits are in play by forcing our opponent to continually have to summon their spirits over and over again. This can help prevent them from overwhelming us with early game pressure. Another strong defensive tool is Sunk-Shain, which blocks for 6000 power since it always gains a core from the void when blocking, ensuring it is always at level 2. Suppression can also help bolster our defense by letting our bigger spirits like Sunk-Shain or a level 2 Valkyrie Calista block multiple spirits in one turn. Dream Bomb is another powerful card that both activates our key spirits’ abilities but can also defend. And of course BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield sees play in many decks and will be a powerful stopgap for us as well. Infinity Mothership is a nexus that will give us the cores to utilize all of these defensive spells during our opponent’s turn.

  • [BSS04-110] Permafrost Palace
    [BSS04-110] Permafrost Palace

White also does not draw cards or ramp cores as easily as some of the other colors, but Saviors of Chaos brings Permafrost Palace, which allows us to draw a card any time an opponent uses an effect to draw a card (and we can have multiple Permafrost Palace in play). This will help keep us in closer parity with other decks that may draw many cards in various ways, especially if we pair it with BSS01-111 Rocket City, which will force our opponent to discard a card any time they draw a card outside of their draw step. Because our deck forces our opponent to replay their spirits over and over again, we can take advantage of them looking to reuse When Summoned abilities and play BSS01-118 Starblessed Draw. And lastly, BSS01-061 Mechabeast Fortress Naumanngard is another big body shield for us that can also draw us cards and ramp cores when it is destroyed by our opponent.

Putting It All Together

Now the deck is armed with a slew of defenses to keep you healthy, drawing cards, and ramping cores until we can summon our army of untouchable and unblockable Valkyries! Below is a decklist that should give you some insight on where to start.

Are you excited to sleeve up these cards and test out the new Valkyrie deck for yourself? We are excited to see all the ways that Summoners will build this strategy in upcoming events after the release of Saviors of Chaos!

BSS04 -Savior of Chaos- booster boxes as well as packs will be in local game stores starting March 2024! Make sure you add these new cards to your collection this Spring! Make sure to watch out for next week’s article that will feature a new strategy to try!



4x BSS04-062 Valkyrie Calista
3x BSS04-055 Mecholossus Jotungrim
4x BSS04-057 Viking Leef
4x BSS01-069 Valkyrie Mist
4x BSS03-054 Valkyrie Hildr
4x BSS02-052 Sunk-Shain
2x BSS01-061 Mechabeast Fortress Naumanngard


2x BSS01-110 Infinity Mothership
2x BSS01-111 Rocket City
4x BSS04-110 Permafrost Palace


4x BSS01-118 Starblessed Draw
4x BSS01-130 Suppression
4x BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield
3x ST03-015 Dream Bomb
2x BSS04-131 Dream Hand