Battle Spirits Saga


BSS03 Deck Profile 1: Blue Mill Midrange Deck


November 10,2023

Hello Battle Spirits Saga Summoners!

We hope that you've been enjoying the spoilers from BSS03, Aquatic Invaders! But today we would like to showcase the newest color, Blue, as well as the new keywords and strategies that go along with it!

Like the other colors before it, Blue brings two new Keywords into the game! Those being Crush and Raid!


  • [BSS03-086]Giant Platoon
    [BSS03-086]Giant Platoon
  • [BSS03-088]Dragolem

Crush is a Keyword that allows you to discard cards from the top of your opponent’s deck to mill them out and achieve an alternative win condition!
Attacking with a Spirit that has the Crush keyword allows you to discard cards of the top of the deck equal to the Spirits current level!

For example, if Retainer Myo-Oh Rudra with 1 core on it were to attack, Crush would read its level as 1 and discard 1 card from the top of the opponent's deck. But if this Spirit had 4 cores on it, it would be at level 2, and so Crush would mill 2 cards instead!

However sometimes Crush has a modifier, discarding additional cards via the Keyword Skill!
For example, if Dragolem with 1 core on it were to attack, Crush would read its level as 1, but then add 1 more card to the discard effect due to the Crush+1 for a total of 2 cards discarded!

Relentlessly attacking with cards that contain the Crush keyword will eventually leaving your opponent with zero cards left in their deck!


  • [ST06-001] Conquest Myo-oh Nirvana
    [ST06-001] Conquest Myo-oh Nirvana
  • [ST06-002] Island Bearer Francis
    [ST06-002] Island Bearer Francis

Raid is a Keyword that allows a Spirit to be refreshed up to a specified number of times by exhausting a nexus you control!
This Keyword can push through additional damage without having more Spirits on the board, getting the most value out of each Spirit you play!

But the true power of Raid is unleashed when a Spirit has both the Raid AND Crush Keywords!
Because Crush activates when the Spirit in question attacks, you can use it in conjunction with Raid to discard TWICE as many cards from your opponent’s deck!

To round off this article, we wanted to make a basic list that should allow you to utilize the power of these new Keywords and hopefully give you a starting point to building decks of this color!
The purpose of this list is to mill your opponent to 0 to win by deckout and showcase the power of the new color!

Win Condition

  • [ST06-001]Conquest Myo-oh Nirvana
    [ST06-001]Conquest Myo-oh Nirvana
  • [BSS03-081]Truth God Mandala
    [BSS03-081]Truth God Mandala
  • [ST06-012]Ancient Colosseum
    [ST06-012]Ancient Colosseum
  • [ST06-015]Blitz

Once again, with the point of this list being a deckout strategy, many cards with Crush are used to whittle your opponent's deck to 0!
But there are also both Nexus and Magic cards that also discard cards from the top of your opponent's deck to round out the game plan.
Above are some of the most impactful cards for the mill strategy in this deck.

The Long Game

  • [BSS02-086]Worker Antman
    [BSS02-086]Worker Antman
  • [BSS03-090]Block Golem
    [BSS03-090]Block Golem
  • [BSS03-118]Enchained Arena
    [BSS03-118]Enchained Arena
  • [BSS03-137]Magic Wrench
    [BSS03-137]Magic Wrench

As you've likely seen, many of blue's more impactful Spirits are quite costly, so to ensure that this strategy works, the game has to go into the midgame eventually into the late game!

Cards like Worker Antman and Magic Wrench are here to provide additional cores to help you accelerate into the endgame a few turns quicker.
While cards like Block Golem as well as Enchained Arena are there to stem the amount of your opponent’s attacks to keep a healthy life total in the early game!

  • [BSS03-097]Cthulou Shark
    [BSS03-097]Cthulou Shark
  • [ST06-014]Flood Stream
    [ST06-014]Flood Stream

Alongside of the cards meant to ramp as well as deny early damage, are the cards that keep the opposing board from going wide!

Cthulou Shark is an excellent card to reset the board and give you time to stabilize on your opponent, while Floodstream allows you to remove opposing Spirits during the Main Step as well as the Attack Step, making it a very versatile card that is rarely dead in hand.Alongside of the cards meant to ramp as well as deny early damage, are the cards that keep the opposing board from going wide!

Alongside of this, Flood Stream provides excellent spot removal in the main step as well as the attack step! A total of 5 cost's worth of removal is more than enough to stop the early pressure from an aggro deck!


This list should provide the basic skeleton to start playing blue! We hope you all take this list and pioneer the color into its sharpest form to find even more ways to play Battle Spirits Saga The Card Game!
The power of the new Keywords Crush and Raid should open up many different paths to victory!

Be sure to pick up your copies of Starter Deck 06, Bodies of Steel as well as your boxes of Battle Spirit Saga Booster Set 03, Aquatic Invaders! In stores October 27th!



4x BSS02-086 Worker Antman
2x BSS03-081 Truth God 
4x BSS03-084 Warhammer Gordon
4x BSS03-086 Giant Platoon
3x BSS03-088 Dragolem
4x BSS03-090 Block Golem
2x BSS03-097 Cthulou Shark
2x ST06-001 Conquest Myo-Oh Nirvana
2x ST06-002 Island Bearer Francis


2x BSS03-117 Seabed Lighthouse
4x BSS03-118 Enchained Arena
3x BSS03-119 Rock Pillar Aquapolis


4x BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield
4x BSS03-135 Strong Draw
2x BSS03-137 Magic Wrench
2x ST06-014 Flood Stream
2x ST06-015 Blitz