Battle Spirits Saga




Take a peek into the four realms
from DAWN OF HISTORY and the stories
that lie within.

  • The Realm of Flame
  • The Realm of Gloom
  • The Realm of Frost
  • The Realm of Radiance

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The Starhavoc Age

In a historical first, nearly 250 years had passed
since the world had become united under one governing body.
The unified empire, commonly referred to as simply "the empire,"
brought many years of peace to the realms.
Unfortunately, the initial zeal from its founding had long since waned,
leaving the empire to maintain its existence
with little more than compromise and perseverance.

The collapse of that status quo began in year 252 of the imperial calendar.

Mysterious celestial bodies began plummeting down from the heavens in great numbers.
Composed of pure energy, they would eventually become known as soul cores.
The alarming news spread quickly:
a majority of spirits struck by the mysterious objects died from an inordinate influx of energy.
These showers of stellar objects falling to earth were soon aptly named the Starhavoc Rains.
And like any other rain,
they fell frequently and without any discernable pattern or regularity.

In the midst of that confusion, troops from the Realm of Gloom invaded
the Realm of Flame without warning.
They declared sovereignty from the empire,
calling themselves the Phantasm Archkingdom.

It was a natural disaster followed by one of the denizens' own making.
Together, these calamities marked the start of an era of historically unprecedented chaos.
I hope you will join me in appreciation of this period of time,
referred to as the Starhavoc Age in reference to its origins,
that has fascinated countless historians and academics.

Albert Lee Mukoko,
associate professor of history at the Royal Institute.

The Realm of Flame

Inhabited by Star Dragons,
Dragonoids, and dinosaurs.
A barren expanse of rocky deserts and volcanoes.

The Realm of Flame has become a ruthless battleground,
with species swearing loyalty to the empire pitted against those who oppose it.
Aided by their underlings, the Dragonoids,
the Star Dragons have lead the imperial security forces for many generations.
They have a long history of discouraging separatism among the dinosaurs,
who control nearly half of the realm while remaining in opposition to imperial rule.

However, deteriorating centralized control and
increasing military factionalism sees the Star Dragons steadily growing arrogant,
enforcing their own ideals in the name of the empire.
Leaving their own realm in the hands of the Dragonoids,
the Star Dragons venture forth into the world,
poking their heads in wherever they see trouble and imposing their values upon others.

Those values raise vehement objections among the nature-worshiping dinosaurs,
who continue to hold on to their old ways.
Although violently opposed in the past to the empire,
with whom they frequently clashed,
the dinosaurs have softened their stance in response to decreasing
imperial interference as the empire grows weaker.
They still insist on being left alone, however.

The Realm of Gloom

Inhabited by Serpents,
Shadows, and Undead.
Swamplands, deep, dark forests,
and a vast underground that is likened to hell.

The Realm of Gloom possesses a heavily class-based social hierarchy,
showing complete disregard for the empire's supposedly egalitarian views on social classes among spirits.
Officials sent from the Dark World intent on amassing illicit wealth
have capitalized on the central government's weakening authority to establish themselves
as the realm's aristocratic ruling class.

Most of the other spirits within the realm are treated as commoners,
if not slaves, and are heavily exploited.
The Star Dragons often come meddling with their various policing actions
on behalf of the central government,
but their efforts remain halfhearted at best.

Thus, denizens of the realm maintain their privileged status with the help of a proficiency
for negotiating in poor faith combined with a little outright bribery.
Among those denizens are the Serpents,
whose secretive research efforts carried out independently
in the subterranean contribute to a knowledge base rivaling all of the other spirits.

The Realm of Frost

Inhabited by Mecha, Machine Beasts,
and Ice Princesses.
Mechanized cities and
a few sparse patches of green dot a landscape
blanketed in snow and ice.

Life in this inhospitable realm is made possible
with the abandoned technological legacy left behind by an ancient,
unknown civilization.
Longing to exploit that technology,
which is considered alien to the world at large,
the empire struggled to replicate it,
discovering they lacked sufficient understanding and engineering prowess.

Spirits inhabiting the realm are model citizens,
both lawful and obedient,
and willingly support the central government despite its diminishing authority.
The Ice Princesses are one exception.
Revered by the realm's other denizens,
full support will always go to these rather appropriately named spirits
when their opinions conflict with the central government.

Although such disagreements rarely occur in public,
the central government makes every effort to prevent them.
An overlap in duties between military and police forces
contributes to a unilateral dislike among the Star Dragons for the inhabitants of the Realm of Frost,
who the empire relies on for the core of its military might.

The Realm of Radiance

Inhabited by Fabled Beasts and Angels.
A heavenly paradise with islands floating across the sky
and flowers as far as the eye can see.

The Realm of Radiance was originally divided into seven lands:
Springs, Rainbows, Flowers, Cards, Fairies, Beasts, and Penguins.
That supposedly changed when its inhabitants all welcomed the empire's rule.
The empire permitted continued use of the regional names
but strictly forbade all other recognition of those historical divisions.
However, the realm's denizens have all but ignored that restriction,
treating the seven lands as they always have.

Spirits living in the realm are generally easygoing
and concerned with little more than having a good time.
This is made readily apparent by the lengths to
which they will go to entertain themselves
and the degree of harassment they will inflict upon any who might spoil their fun.

Even in its heyday,
the central government was at a loss deciding how to control such individuals,
and in light of their relative obedience,
the government was inclined to simply leave them to their own devices.
In its presently weakened state,
this inclination has only grown worse.
In other words,
little appears to have changed since the pre-empire era
as the realm has become a bastion of freedom for all who live there.