Battle Spirits Saga


Game Steps

Beginning with player one,
follow the steps listed below.

Each turn is comprised of steps 1 through 7.
When player one completes their turn,
it becomes player two’s turn. Then repeat.

Start through Refresh
  • Start Step

    Begin the turn.

  • Core Step
    Core Step

    Take one core from the void and place it into your reserve.
    Player one MUST SKIP this step on their first turn.

  • Draw Step

    Draw one card from your deck and add it to your hand.

  • Refresh Step 1
    Refresh Step 1

    Refresh any exhausted cards (cards turned horizontal) by turning them vertical.

  • Refresh Step 2
    Refresh Step 2

    Move any cores in your trash to your reserve.

Main Step

◆Place, use, or summon cards from your hand
◆Move cores ◆Set burst cards

In this step, you may perform various actions such as summoning spirits or rearranging cores.
You may do so in any order and as many times as you want.

Attack Step

◆Attack and battle
◆Player one MUST SKIP this step on their first turn.

On your turn, you may attack with a refreshed spirit that is on your field by exhausting it.
Your opponent may then block with a refreshed spirit.
You may continue to attack as many times as you want, provided you have a refreshed spirit available.

End Step

All temporary effects activated during this turn come to an end.

Opponent’s Turn

For more information,
check out the Rule Manual.