Battle Spirits Saga


World of "FALSE GODS"


Take a peek into the five realms
from FALSE GODS and the stories
that lie within.

  • The Realm of Flame
  • The Realm of Gloom
  • The Realm of Frost
  • The Realm of Radiance
  • The Realm of Forest

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The Starhavoc Age, Chapter 2 Preface

Known as an era of unprecedented chaos,
the Starhavoc Age is considered to have begun with the onset of
the Starhavoc Rains and the appearance of the Phantasm Archkingdom.
One year later, at the start of the year 252 of the imperial calendar,
that initial chaos expanded even further.
While nature was busy sowing tragedy with its Starhavoc Rains and
spirits were doing similarly in the name of the Phantasm Archkingdom,
the world was struck by an entirely new catastrophe:

The reappearance of the Voidlords.

Last seen before the founding of the empire according to legends,
these nearly mythical monsters arrived without warning.
Given a year, the denizens had learned to cope with the falling Starhavoc Rains,
which possessed no will of their own.
And war brought on by the Phantasm Archkingdom had only one purpose,
which was domination.
The spread of utter destruction held no interest for them.

The Voidlords, however, were different.
While their intentions remained a mystery,
they did not appear to include the world's survival
as everything became a target for devastation.
Though even the Starhavoc Rains paled in comparison to this new menace,
one spirit would come to the world's rescue.

Tokiwa, the Godslayer Hero.
Spirits from across the realms rallied around Tokiwa in a
cooperative effort to oppose the Voidlord threat.
Join me as I unravel but a few strands of that endless thread we call history,
and together we will relive this epic tale.

Albert Lee Mukoko,
associate professor of history at the Royal Institute.

The Realm of Flame

Inhabited by Ancient Dragons,
dinosaurs, and Serpents.
A barren expanse of rocky deserts and volcanoes.

Once looked upon as imperial envoys in all but name,
the Star Dragons' reputation plummeted following their defeat
at the hands of the invading Phantasm Archkingdom Serpents.
With no one else capable of opposing Queen Meduke's forces,
the occupied Burning Canyon became Archkingdom territory.

As underlings to the Star Dragons, the Dragonoids were similarly deposed.
Many fled below ground to serve the Ancient Dragons
while others abandoned their ancestral home entirely,
embarking on a long journey in search of new lands.
Though the Star Dragons may have been driven off,
those ever-powerful dinosaurs and Emperor Beasts steadfastly clung on to their own territories.

Faced with growing opposition from the other species,
the Serpents finally abandoned any further invasion to focus on the ground they presently occupied.
Waning imperial influence was replaced by rising strength among the
various factions now settled within the Realm of Flame,
and a precarious balance of power began to emerge.

The Realm of Gloom

Inhabited by Serpents,
Shadows, and Undead.
Swamplands, deep, dark forests,
and a vast underground that is likened to hell.

The Phantasm Archkingdom's declaration of sovereignty
rattled the history pages on 250 years of imperial rule,
and there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the Realm of Gloom had led the show.

Those spirits entering our lands from beyond the gate to the Dark World
happily disregarded all manner of local customs and authority.
As they pushed the bounds of tyranny, the indigenous populace became little more than slaves.
The invaders were driven by more than simply anti-imperialism,
and they swallowed up one corner of the Realm of Flame in their desire for conquest.

Gloom suffered comparatively little from the Starhavoc Rains,
and some practical applications of soul cores were observed in the realm,
leading some to harbor suspicions about the matter.
Leadership within the Phantasm Archkingdom remains fundamentally reckless,
and many of them feel strongly inclined to abandon territory should their own
well-being ever come into question.

The Realm of Frost

Inhabited by Mecha, Machine Beasts,
and Ice Princesses.
Mechanized cities and
a few sparse patches of green dot a landscape
blanketed in snow and ice.

Though nowhere near as flagrant as the degree of disaffection coming from Gloom,
the Realm of Frost openly proclaimed they were distancing themselves from imperial governance.
It was their spiritual leaders, the Ice Princesses,
who spoke up in opposition after the empire willfully abused the realm
to create their vanguard army then once again moved to conscript them following a bitter defeat.

To see that previously silent, nonpartisan body of spirits step into the public eye like that
speaks to the horrible degree of misfortune wrought on the realm by Starhavoc Rains.

All of its citizens have since turned a respectful eye to the Ice Princesses,
whose leadership they follow with devotion in a bid not to return to the imperial fold.
Aggressive opposition toward the government was never intended though,
and the Ice Princesses themselves want nothing more than a quietly respectful coexistence.

The Realm of Radiance

Inhabited by Fabled Beasts and Angels.
A heavenly paradise with islands floating across the sky
and flowers as far as the eye can see.

Following the onset of the Starhavoc Rains,
there was no greater tragedy for the realm's inhabitants
than the loss of their long awaited sports competition,
which they were forced to cancel as a result.
In all honesty, dealing with the empire and
its long litany of demands pales in comparison.

And while citizens in some far corner of the world
may be clamoring about "independence,"
such wasteful exertions make little sense to the locals.
The real hot topic revolves around trying to determine when
their sports competition can be rescheduled.

By the way, it is rumored that some penguin discovered an object which is
an exact match for those soul cores that came raining down.
The painful pelting they inflicted was unfortunate,
but the real disappointment came from their poor culinary value.

Much to their dismay, many denizens have realized it is better to shelve their hopes and find shelter
rather than go on suffering from the Starhavoc Rains while they wait for them to let up.

The Realm of Forest

Inhabited by Preybirds, Bladebeasts, and Insectoids.
Rolling hills covered in forests and grasslands.

Most spirits living in the realm are nomadic by nature,
periodically picking up their settlements to move elsewhere within their territory.
Governing and collecting taxes regularly from such a populace is a challenge at best,
so they are allowed the unique distinction among all the realms of being self-governed.
As long as the denizens swear obedience, all is well in the empire's eyes.

Another challenge presented by nomadic lifestyles is the development of culture and civilization,
and their dependence on such establishments certainly lags behind that of their five neighbors.

Spirits here have instead developed a strong capacity for survival,
and rather than rely on some form of national leadership in times of disaster,
they instinctively band together, overcoming barriers between species in order to cooperate.

One might argue the Realm of Forest was indeed the quickest to respond when faced with such threats as the Voidlord Upheaval.