Battle Spirits Saga


BSS04 Deck Profile 5: Yellow Angel Deck


February 22, 2024


Welcome back Battle Spirits Saga Summoners!

In today’s article we dive into an archetype that has been around since BSS01, but slowly growing more and more into its own as we’ve received new cards! BSS04 may have finally given us enough cards to build a strategy fully focused on Angels and the Luster Keyword!

So let’s break down a decklist that will try to use both themes to their fullest!

Key Cards

  • [BSS01-076] Archangel Michaela
    [BSS01-076] Archangel Michaela
  • [BSS04-043] Angel of Life Florasera
    [BSS04-043] Angel of Life Florasera
  • [BSS04-044] Rearing Angel Materielle
    [BSS04-044] Rearing Angel Materielle

At the top of this strategy you will find Archangel Michaela, serving as the centerpiece of Luster strategies;searching the top of your deck for Magic cards, enabling them to be played for free as long as she is at level 2 while holding the Soul Core! The deck will gather many Magic cards to your hand via various effects, so when you are able to use Michaela the payoff will be a huge shift of momentum. The real fun begins when you have a Spirit with Luster on the board, allowing you to cast all these Magic cards for free in the attack step, only to pick them back up from the Trash afterwards.

Next up is Angel of Life, Florasera, an Angel that can reveal the top 4 cards in hand to play a 2 cost from those revealed cards! Another important function is that at the start of the Attack Step, for every Spirit with Luster you control, you can add a Core that isn’t a Soul Core from your trash to this Spirit! Depending on your Spirits in play, Florasera’s ability can really go a long way to making sure you are always able to cast your Magic cards during the Attack Step! At level 3, she also gains Luster, providing the crucial Keyword on a powerful body!

The 3rd star of this deck would be Rearing Angel Materielle! She may be the most crucial card when it comes to your setup! Regardless of your level, during your start step she is able to grant all of your Spirits with a cost of 2 the Luster Keyword! On top of this, at level 3 when she attacks, she is able to discard a Spirit that costs 2 to select a Yellow Magic card in your Trash and return it to hand! Providing you with a way to retrieve cards you’ve already used when Luster was not active!

Early and Mid-Game

  • [BSS03-041] Judgment Angel Flagellum
    [BSS03-041] Judgment Angel Flagellum
  • [BSS04-124] Key of Intrusion
    [BSS04-124] Key of Intrusion
  • [BSS04-108] Flower Palace
    [BSS04-108] Flower Palace

To help round out the deck, we have included copies of Judgement Angel Flagellum, a searchable Angel, has Luster as early as level 1 and also can clear entire boards when used in combination with cards like Exhaust Nexus due to its level 2 and 3 effect! She can also be used for powerful single target removal when used alongside cards such as Key of Intrusion!

Key of Intrusion is one of the cards that helps make this Angel-centric strategy really move! By activating it in your Main Step, it can be treated as a 4 cost with 3 reduction! Allowing you to search the top 4 cards for an Angel to further your strategy! But when you use it for its Flash timing, it becomes a very powerful single target removal! With a card that can be both search and Spirit Removal, Key of Intrusion is sure to be a strong card going into the competitive scene of this game!

Another new card we’ll be utilizing in this deck is Flower Palace! This nexus is going to add a bit of draw power when one of your Spirits at level 2 or higher is destroyed by one of your opponents Spirits. The skill also gives you a bit of insurance when one of your Spirits is blocked by a Spirit with higher BP! It also could help you out against Blue with its anti-deck destruction effect at level 2, helping you gain additional cores in order to get to your endgame before they do!

Defensive Spells

  • [BSS01-135] Gleam of Hope
    [BSS01-135] Gleam of Hope
  • [BSS01-136] Exhaust Nexus
    [BSS01-136] Exhaust Nexus
  • [BSS02-133] Thorn Prison
    [BSS02-133] Thorn Prison

So this section will be done a little differently than usual. This is due to the Luster strategy using Michaela being able to use any and every good spell to combat whatever it needs to!
So whil have some staples here, like Gleam of Hope, that will help you dig to find your best pieces. Or Exhaust Nexus, that can clear entire boards when you see multiple copies or use in tandem with Judgement Angel Flagellum! Format staples like Thorn Prison for defense or Dream Bomb for soft removal could also find a place in here. But the Magic cards you decide to use will all be dependent on the other decks you expect to find in your next event!

This flexibility is what truly makes this deck able to adapt to any situation that may arise in your tournament scenes!

Consistency Boosting

Leverage the most powerful Spells in Battle Spirits Saga with Yellow’s unique ability to find and repeatedly play those spells, and you have one of the most interruptive tactics available!

So, do you think Yellow finally got what it needed to let Angels and Luster be a standalone deck? Only time will tell, but we’re very excited to see how the next format unfolds with the introduction of these new cards!

BSS04 -Savior of Chaos- booster boxes as well as packs will be in your local game stores in March of 2024! Make sure you add these new cards to your collection this Spring! Make sure you keep your eyes open for the next BSS04 Deck Spotlight article!


Now that we’ve talked about all of these plays and interactions, let’s pull it all together and make a list!


4x ST04-006 Sword Angel
4x BSS04-045 Resignation Angel Cineres
4x BSS04-044 Rearing Angel Materielle
3x BSS04-043 Angel of Life Florasera
3x BSS03-041 Judge Angel Flagellum
3x BSS01-076 Archangel Michaela


4x BSS01-114 Blessed Cathedral
2x BSS04-118 Flower Palace


4x BSS01-135 Gleam of Hope
4x BSS02-133 Thorn Prison
4x BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield
3x ST03-015 Dream Bomb
4x BSS01-136 Exhaust Nexus
4x BSS04-124 Key of Intrusion