Battle Spirits Saga


BSS04 Deck Profile 3: Blue Hydra Deck


February 22, 2024


Welcome back Battle Spirits Saga Summoners!

How have you been liking the Blue reveals for this set? Today we are here to discuss the new waves that Blue will be crashing into the format after the release of Savior of Chaos! On release, Blue’s main focus was pushing for the deck out strategy to end the game through a different win condition. However, Savior of Chaos introduces new Aberration synergies that will allow Blue players to take control of the game! But enough talk, let’s jump into the article and see firsthand!

  • [BSS04-086] Deepsea Emperor Hydra
    [BSS04-086] Deepsea Emperor Hydra
  • [BSS03-097] Cthulou Shark
    [BSS03-097] Cthulou Shark
  • [BSS04-088] Deepwalker
    [BSS04-088] Deepwalker

Let’s start off with the star of the show! Deepsea Emperor Hydra is a truly fearsome Aberration,worthy of its name! It boasts high battle power with double Blue symbols, Spirit removal, and discards cards from the top of your opponent’s deck! Top all of that off with Raid:2, allowing it to attack and get the removal and deck destruction effects off multiple times, turns this Spirit into a

Cthulou Shark is ready to make a splash in this deck! By clearing the board of every Spirit except the ones holding the Soul Core! You can thenAscend Cthulou Shark into Deepsea Emperor Hydra in order to attack and destroy that remaining Spirit, decrease their deck size, and deal significant damage to their life!

Finally, Deepwalker lets you select a Blue Nexus from your trash and play it without paying its cost when used to Ascend, really maximizing your resources and bolstering your board! Additionally, Deepwalker’s level 2 and 3 effect allow you to gain an additional core onto a Nexus by exhausting it when this Spirit blocks, helping you gain cores to summon these more costly spirits!

Defensive Tools

  • [BSS04-089] Sea Dragonlord Van Tholomew
    [BSS04-089] Sea Dragonlord Van Tholomew
  • [ST06-014] Flood Stream
    [ST06-014] Flood Stream
  • [BSS04-136] Raging Tide
    [BSS04-136] Raging Tide

Looking at just the cards we’ve gone over so far, we can see that removing Spirits through effects is a focal point to the Blue color going forward, and we’re about to double down on that board control in this section too!

Sea Dragonlord Van Tholomew has a very nice reduction, allowing it to come down early and remove smaller Spirits. Having access to Crush +1 is also nothing to ignore, being able to hopefully take some impactful cards off the top of the deck if you find the cores to use it. Of course, being an Aberration is important to the endgame of this deck to Ascend into Deepsea Emperor Hydra as well.

Floodstream is still a very powerful removal card, destroying Spirits with up to a combined total cost of 5 or lower for as little as 3 cores with the proper reduction! This effect provides good control for both the early and midgame!

Lastly, we would like to showcase one of the newcomers to the Blue removal package in Raging Tide! Widespread destruction on all Spirits that cost 3 or fewer that can be activated in the Main Step or even the Flash Step! And if you destroy 2 or more Spirits with this effect, you will gain a core from the void! This adds onto the list of effects that will slightly push you to the number of cores you need to play your best Spirits!

Consistency Boosting

  • [BSS03-135] Strong Draw
    [BSS03-135] Strong Draw
  • [BSS04-102] Harp Princess Pollon
    [BSS04-102] Harp Princess Pollon

Now that we’ve talked about the win conditions as well as the removal, it’s time to talk about the cards that filter through your deck to find all of these plays!

It’s no secret that Strong Draw is one of the best spells Battle Spirits Saga has to offer in terms of seeing additional cards off the top of your deck. The only way to make that better is to play the color that can play such a powerful card with full reduction! Discarding Nexuses with this effect also can be very efficient due to this deck’s ability to recycle Nexus cards!

Saviors of Chaos also introduces Harp Princess Pollon, a spirit that allows you to look at the top five cards of your deck and place a nexus that costs 4 or fewer from those cards, discarding the rest. This card allows you to get a spirit on board that can block while still playing a nexus that is effectively being drawn from your deck! With the right nexus, Harp Princess Pollon can accelerate your cost reduction on board and allow you to play Deepsea Emperor Hydra much faster.

  • [BSS04-114] Great Sapphire Labrinth
    [BSS04-114] Great Sapphire Labrinth
  • [BSS04-115] Erupting Submarine Volcano
    [BSS04-115] Erupting Submarine Volcano
  • [BSS03-119] Rock Pillar Aquapolis
    [BSS03-119] Rock Pillar Aquapolis

Blue has many great nexus options, the newest of which is Great Sapphire Labyrinth which has powerful, impactful effects on both levels! At level 1, by playing an Aberration that costs 3 or more you will gain an additional core from the void! But at its level 2, you can exhaust this nexus to summon Ascend spirits without paying the Ascend cost, allowing you to play Deepsea Emperor Hydra even without a Spirit to Ascend with!

Erupting Submarine Volcano can recycle a destroyed nexus when it is destroyed itself (such as by paying the cost of Cthulou Shark) and its level 2 effect discards the top three cards of your opponent’s deck when one of you Aberration spirits destroys one of your opponent’s spirits. Rock Pillar Aquapolis is another option that enhances your ability to discard cards from your opponent’s deck. Stacking multiple of these effects together could mean that Deepsea Emperor Hydra discards over 10 cards with a single attack!

Consistency Boosting

Blue solidifies its role in the format with this set with its heavy emphasis on Spirit destruction! But surely Deepsea Emperor Hydra is one of the strongest top end threats we’ve seen to date!

Controlling the board until you have enough cores to reset it with Cthulou Shark and then go on the offensive with Deepsea Emperor Hydra is the game plan! With some subtle Core acquisition baked into the strategy, you should be able to withstand your opponent’s assault, only to wash away their advantage and take victory for yourself!

How do you feel about Blue’s new direction? Will you win by destroying the opponent’s Life, or their deck? Enjoy the rewarding gameplay experience of being able to make that decision throughout the game!
BSS04 -Savior of Chaos- booster boxes as well as packs will be in your local game stores in March of 2024! Make sure you add these new cards to your collection this Spring! Also keep your eyes open for the next BSS04 Deck Spotlight article!


So let’s put this all together and craft up a decklist to make the most of the game plan we broke down!


4x BSS04-088 Deepwalker
4x BSS04-102 Harp Princess Pollon
4x BSS04-089 Sea Dragonlord Van Tholomew
3x BSS03-097 Cthulou Shark
4x BSS04-086 Deepsea Emperor Hydra


3x BSS03-118 Enchained Arena
3x BSS04-115 Eruption Submarine Volcano
4x BSS04-114 Great Sapphire Labyrinth
3x BSS03-119 Rock Pillar Aquapolis
2x BSS03-117 Seabed Lighthouse


3x BSS04-136 Raging Tide
4x BSS03-135 Strong Draw
2x BSS01-118 Starblessed Draw
3x ST06-014 Floodstream
4x BSS01-127 Absolute Ice Shield