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What kind of effect is 【Ascend】?
[Q1] August 18, 2023
When summoning a spirit with 【Ascend】, all the cores from another spirit with a cost equal to or greater than the specified cost must be placed into your reserve as an additional cost.
What is the specified cost?
[Q2] August 18, 2023
In the example 【Ascend: Costs 6 or more】, the specified cost is the "Costs 6 or more" portion.
What must be done when summoning a spirit with the text 【Ascend: Costs 6 or more】?
[Q3] August 18, 2023
When paying its summoning cost, select another spirit which costs 6 or more (the specified cost) and place all of the cores on that spirit into your reserve.
Can 【Ascend】 be ignored when a spirit possessing 【Ascend】 is summoned without paying its summoning cost?
[Q4] August 18, 2023
No, it cannot. Paying the additional cost of 【Ascend】 is necessary, even when not paying the summoning cost. The spirit can only be summoned if it is paid.
After paying for 【Ascend】, what happens to the spirit that no longer has sufficient cores for LV1.
[Q5] August 18, 2023
The spirit that no longer has sufficient cores for LV1 is destroyed. Effects which trigger "When Destroyed" do not activate.
Can a spirit with zero cores remaining on it after paying summoning costs be selected to pay for 【Ascend】?
[Q6] August 18, 2023
No, it cannot. Select a spirit with one or more cores on it.