Battle Spirits Saga



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What are tokens?
[Q28] September 01, 2023
Tokens are spirits created by effects on cards and are not included in your deck. (They are held in reserve elsewhere until they are needed.)
Can I include token cards in my deck?
[Q29] September 01, 2023
No. Your deck must not contain any token cards.
What happens to tokens when they leave the field?
[Q30] September 01, 2023
When a token leaves the field it is removed from the game. At this time, effects and bursts which activate when spirits are destroyed will activate as usual.
What kinds of objects can be used as tokens?
[Q31] September 01, 2023
We recommend you use official token cards when possible. If you don't have official token cards, you can use any other objects as substitutes as long as you can place cores onto them and you can tell whether they are refreshed or exhausted by looking at them.
If I will be using tokens, do I need to declare that fact to my opponent before the start of our game?
[Q32] September 01, 2023
No. Your opponent does not need to be told about your use of tokens before the game starts.